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Safe Harbor American Blonde Ale:


Safe Harbor American Blonde Ale is always smooth and easy to drink. It has a clean profile and just a touch of malt character. Held to the light, it is light gold in color and brilliant in clarity. A slight residual sweetness is offset with just enough hop bitterness to keep things balanced.


Nothing defines our American Blonde Ale better than the very approachable and highly drinkable characteristics that make it ideal for any occasion year round. With a balanced character and relatively low alcohol level, it has a perfect balance of malt sweetness and hop bitterness.


This is a terrific “gateway” beer that introduces light beer lovers or pale lager drinkers to a more flavorful craft beer and ultimately an entirely new beer drinking world of flavor.


Icy Cold And Delicious!


Available in draft, bottles, and cans.

Case pack design for American Blonde Ale

Safe Harbor India Pale Ale:


Our IPA is akin to the original IPAs of 1800s.

Our hop varietals take fruity, citrusy, floral, piney, resinous aromas and flavors to a much bigger level.


Beautiful pale gold/copper in color - with a slightly bold hopy bitterness that predominates over medium, clean malt levels, making this a no-apologies American beer.


This has roughly twice the hops of other beer and a spicy, refreshing bitterness that plays an important role in this new example.


While IPA's had about a 50-year period of initial popularity—from the 1830s to 1880s— We are helping to resurrected this authentic  IPA style—now one of the most popular beer styles in the United States among craft beer drinkers.


Available in draft, bottles, and cans.

Case pack design for India Pale Ale

Safe Harbor Hopsy Turvy:


Safe Harbor Double IPA is an expression of brewing ingenuity. Our brewer pushes the envelope of what beer can be - By doubling up, he created a whole new style, and  Hopsy Turvy was born!


It’s all about copious amounts of hops—with plenty of malt and a higher alcohol level to offer balance to the hop bitterness. Our Hopsy Turvy  is a real experience (to the joy of many hop enthusiasts).


Balanced overall in hop bitterness and malt sweetness, it is complex, with multiple layers of fruity, hoppy, malty character that evolve as the beer passes over the palate and as it warms in the glass.


Available in draft, bottles, and cans.

Case pack design for double IPA

Safe Harbor  Mumbo Jumbo:


Safe Harbor Mumbo Jumbo Triple IPA  is Characterized by the unmatched use of hops.



This seasonal offering is a real eye opener.

The only IPA of it's kind.


Seasonal - Draft, bottles, and cans.

Case Pack design for Safe Harbor Mumbo Jumbo Triple IPA

Safe Harbor 1790 Lager:


The Official Beer Of

Connecticut's Coast Guard Summer!


Safe Harbor 1790 Lager was selected as the Official Beer for Connecticut's Coast Guard Summer. It takes it's name from the founding year of the United States Coast Guard - 1790.


This is an American-style lager crafted to be very approachable and  popular with all beer lovers. Lager represents one of the most easy-drinking of all beer styles.


Fresh and gentle fruit notes, a delicate use of malt and a balanced hint of bitters for a clean, snappy finish. 1790 Lager is medium-bodied, crisp and clean beer with layers of hop aromas, brewed for the perfect balance of flavor and refreshing drinkability.


Available On Draft, Bottles, And Cans At Your

Favorite Restaurants, Bars,  And All Retail Locations.


Ask For It Today.

Case pack design Safe Harbor 1790 Lager
Official Beer of Connecticut's Coast Guard Summer

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